Online Distance Learning With the University of Hertfordshire

Distance learning is a boon to many students. It has opened the doors of higher education to those who would otherwise never have even dreamed of a university education. The University of Hertfordshire is just yet another university to join the ranks of distance learning providers. The university is one of the more recent British universities to receive royal charter. It was first established as the Hatfield Technical College in 1952, and receive university status in 1992. Located near London, it is very easy to access and was already well connected to the world. To you, its location is of no important thanks to what it has established known as UH Online, which is its center for online distance learning.

UH Online specializes in online distance learning. As with other forms of distance learning services, the courses made available to you are designed to fit around your circumstances. Both undergraduate and postgraduate learning opportunities are available. The payment options are very flexible. Rather than have to pay everything in one go, you can choose to pay one semester at a time, making it easier to manage from a financial point of view. UH Online understands the value of interaction with other students, tutors, and teaching professionals when learning. This is why, while you can study at your own pace,UH Online offers sessions and assessments which are subject to a schedule. As a result, you are encouraged to interact with your fellow students. UH Online also grants you access to the University of Hertfordshire’s Career Employment and Enterprise Service known at CareerHub. CareerHub maximizes the value of your UH Online education. It does this by helping you develop the right skills for the job market. As well as this, CareerHub helps you make a good C.V., apply for jobs, pursue the right studies if you wish to continue beyond your existing course, and even start your own business. If you have any questions, you can contact the people at UH Online directly, and even try out the service through a free taster session. This way you can get an idea of what it is like to study with them without any initial financial outlay.

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