Distance Learning With the University of Manchester

The United Kingdom is not known for exporting much these days. It was once known at the workshop of the world. Manchester was at the center of all of this. This happened during the industrial revolution. The area around Manchester was where it started. Today, the United Kingdom has one undeniable chief export. This export is education. This is why British universities have so many international students. People flock from all over the world, and are willing to pay a premium for British university education. You only need to look at the international university rankings to understand why so many people flock to the country to further their education. Now you do not need to go to Manchester to benefit from their world class education. You do not even need to be in the country. In fact, you can do it from your own home. This is because the University of Manchester has developed distance learning courses. Some of which are Massive Open Online Courses or MOOCs. These not only allow for anybody around the world to study there, but also for a theoretically unlimited number of students to study.

Many of these courses are postgraduate courses. This is not limited to a small handful, but dozens of courses. They cover a whole range of topics, allowing you to find something suitable for your specific needs. Should you want to study public health, dentistry, nuclear technology, asset management or the much coveted global MBA course, there is something for you. Access is further increased through the many scholarship programs available to students from relatively poor countries such as Tanzania and Uganda. Please see below for some of the scholarship programs available.

Tim and Judith Sear
The North American Foundation for The University of Manchester
The UK Alumni Fund
The Allan and Nesta Ferguson Charitable Trust
The Don Hanson Foundation
The Alan Gilbert Memorial Fund

As you can see, there is little excuse for not taking a distance learning course at the University of Manchester. I encourage you to contact them and check out what they have on offer.

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