Distance Learning With the University of Greenwich

The University of Greenwich is located in London. This area of London is where every single clock in the world is synchronized to. All time runs on Greenwich Mean Time. The place is not to be confused with neither Greenwich Village, a trendy neighborhood in Manhattan, nor the village in upstate New York. Given that the University of Greenwich offers distance learning opportunities, from this standpoint, it does not really matter where it is located. What matters is the quality of learning and teaching.

The University of Greenwich offers its students full help and support for its remote students. It uses a system called OSCARS, which is a support system for off-campus users. OSCARS stands for Off-campus Services Contact And Remote Support. Thanks to this system, all you need is send your query to the university, and a member of the university will call you, or even run a full session with you to resolve your issue. You can also borrow photocopies of any book found in one of the three libraries at the university.

Both Undergraduate and postgraduate programs are on offer for distance learners at the University of Greenwich. Undergraduates can apply to chemistry, health and safety, and lifelong education programs. Postgraduates can apply to masters, postgraduate certificates, and postgraduate diplomas in architecture and construction, business, management, health and safety, pharmacy, and biosciences.

The University of Greenwich, although it does not have the best academics in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, its students truly appreciate their experience there. Of the 20 universities in London, which includes some of the best in the world, it regularly figures as the one with the highest level of student satisfaction. The university was only formed in 1992, but its history goes back to 1890, when it was established as the second oldest polytechnic university in the country. In the 1970s and 1980s, it merged with various colleges to eventually become the university that we know today. Although you may be studying from another city or country, you may still wish to visit the university as it is based on one of the most beautiful campuses in the world.

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