Distance Learning at the University of Leicester

A lot of us will only have come across the name Leicester in the British version of the famous board game, Monopoly. Leicester Square is one of the more valuable properties on the board. The University of Leicester is also home to one of the more valuable educational experiences available. The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland is one of the world’s biggest exporters of higher education. The University of Leicester, after the Open University, in turn, is one of the biggest suppliers on distance learning courses at university level. They are also very flexible. The courses are cheaper than on campus, and the quality is nearly identical, and in some cases superior.

The courses available online have up to four different start dates in the year, so you can start in a season which suits you best, rather than be shackled to a single start date and having to follow the academic year. This is good as following the academic year is fast becoming something outdated. A very wide range of courses are available. They are at every level, so no matter what your professional or experience might be, so long as you have a minimum level of English language literacy, you will find something for you. The qualifications available are the following: Foundation, certificate, diploma, bachelor of arts, foundation, bachelor of science, postgraduate certificate, postgraduate diploma, MBA, PhD, master of science, master of art, diploma in social sciences, and more. There is also a very wide range of study topics available. The study topics available are and ancient history, business management and human resources, counseling, computer science, criminology, ecology, education, engineering, English, finance and economics, forensic science, health and social care, history of art and film, law, mathematics, media and communications, museum studies, politics and international relations, psychology, safety security and risk management, and sociology.

There are also many funding options available beyond employer sponsorship. These include loans, alumni discounts, and international funding. The university website contains more specific information, so do visit it for more information on the various funding options available.

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